Project Carolina SUCCESS!

A few months ago we posted a detailed account of a struggling pregnant single mother of 5. Thanks to our campaign, we were able to raise $2,300 to cover the costs of a new roof, new floors and some food and diapers for the newborn baby # 6 – Valentina.

We still need the $200 to reach our goal to make sure baby Valentina and mom are well fed in the next few weeks. If you’d like to help us finish off our campaign please donate here:

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Thank you all for your support and trust! $2,300 already changed 7 peoples’ lives directly in less than 2 weeks!

Love and Light!


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Hello friends!

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Project Carolina: “Single mother badly needs your help”…

“Single mother badly needs your help” was the subject line of a recent email we received from concerned neighbors of a single mother living in poverty…

Here is the body:

“Here in Santa Rosa a Single mother that is pregnant, due in October needs help for new born due in October. Her name is Carolina she has 5 kids Levi 14, Francesca 13, Nicole 8, Naomi 7, Isaian 3. She is not working and striving to feed and getting cloth for her family. The neighbors and us trying to help as much as we can. She lives in a metal shack when it rains it pours in the house no floors just dirt. Very primitive life. She borrows money from us to buy, cook and sell corn on cub, with the little money she makes she buys food for family. Carolina is a hard worker, she is supporting her family. Has boyfriend she is separated from him, he works and get paid every week. He gets his pay and spend it all on drinking and don’t give any money to Carolina.”

After further communication we obtained permission to publish Carolina’s story in order to reach out to our followers.  Time is of the essence in this case. It is rainy season here in Guanacaste where Carolina lives which means she is and will be spending her last months of pregnancy and first months with a newborn in an extremely unsanitary “home”. Tropical rains will create literal puddles in the bedrooms, if that is what you can call them.

We often are quick to judge single mothers of many kids in poverty. We question their judgement and assume things we would do in their place or not do in this instance. I ask you to put aside your filters and imagine for an instance that you didn’t know what you know. I ask you to imagine only seeing abusive relationships and poverty all around you growing up. I ask you to imagine stepping off your damp mattress in the morning onto the wet mud instead of the clean cozy floors of your home. That is the reality of hundreds of MILLIONS of people around the world. It seems impossible to change the plight of so many. In the case of Carolina, helping one home will mean changing SIX young lives in an instant. It means showing them that there is good in this world and that people care. There is still fairness when everything seems hopeless. It means giving SIX young lives a chance to not be a statistic.

Your donation will go toward a “Safe Home Building Fund” that Dreamlife Alliance established to help children living in EXTREME poverty in unsanitary conditions. We will work with local businesses to obtain donations and wholesale cost labor and materials to at least create a safe dwelling for the newborn and to put down some sort of flooring and reinforce the roof of this “home”. The olders kids will be enrolled in the Dreamlife Alliance Heroes Academy that provides a donation based after school program that will teach them English and martial arts. After the new baby, which is a girl by the way, is old enough for a local day care, Carolina will attend a program to learn basic English and employment skills she hasn’t been able to acquire while raising children in poverty.

While Dreamlife Alliance focuses on helping children, we encourage you to understand that the plight of adults in poverty is no less dramatic and requires no less compassion. Many of them were once children in poverty that never received a helping hand out of the vicious cycle they were born into. Let’s help them break this cycle and become productive, inspiring members of this world.

With tremendous gratitude,

Lola Dranker

Donate through PayPal or Chase QuickPay to

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Dreamlife Alliance, Inc.

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What’s The Plan?

Since we are a brand spanking new charity, we often get asked how will we do things differently. To understand how our mission is different I’ll give you a bit of a background. In our experience we found many small nonprofits already operating in problem areas all around Central America. Many of these nonprofits are small missionary groups (affiliated with various churches), retired couples trying to put their retirement savings to good (amazing!) use, or just local people who came together to try and fix their communities’ problems. Many of these nonprofits are amazing givers. They’ve done tremendous things in their communities without asking for anything in return. The problems were found in the long term effectiveness of their giving. See, feeding hungry people is great but giving them proper tools to so they can learn to feed themselves is priceless. Additionally, in assessing various children’s and orphan charities in Costa Rica and Nicaragua we found many of them lacking in the use of technology, social media and most importantly networking. Some of them work in close proximity to each other and have similar goals but neither knows of the other’s existence.

Dreamlife Alliance will work through two outlets. One will focus directly on developing programs with maximized long term impact on orphans and malnourished children. Each program will be custom tailored to the region and the needs of the children. The second outlet will work directly with other nonprofits to maximize their mission’s impact. Some of the ways their impact will be exponentially improved is by educating them on the use of the internet (many of them don’t even have websites), connecting nonprofits with similar goals in the same region, evaluating and optimizing their missions to have the best possible long term impact.

We view other nonprofits as our allies, not as our competition.

That is why we are an alliance. An alliance to empower and make a change. NOW. In our lifetime.

For collaborations please email

Donate via PayPal to

The Most Important “Work In Progress” You’ve Ever Seen

Thank you for visiting Dreamlife Alliance. The website is a “Work In Progress” but the most important statement you need about my cause is here.

My name is Lola Dranker and I’m on a mission to disrupt the nonprofit sector. Orphans and children in poverty all over the world are relying on this disruption. Politicians and their governments are most often too burdened with economic issues to really make lasting impact in the social sector. If we keep thinking someone else “in power” will step up and address the truly desperate conditions of these children we will be participating in their demise. It is for this reason I am asking you to join the Dreamlife Alliance. Become an ally and help disrupt the system that perpetuates cycles of poverty, suicide and child prostitution. Let us join together to put a stop to the unnecessary suffering of these children.

I say it is no longer acceptable to just write a check and feel good about your donation. I ask you to donate with INTENT – to be one of the tools used to change the world. I ask you to donate with PASSION – for the cause you’re pushing forward. I ask you to donate with LOVE – that will heal broken children.

Dreamlife Alliance is committed to giving back not just to orphans and children but to YOU the donor as well. We are committed to giving you tremendous GRATITUDE for your support. We are committed to giving you an opportunity of EXPERIENCE of hands on giving in our areas of service. We are committed to enabling you to VISUALIZE where your donation created impact.

We are committed.

Are you?


Dreamlife Alliance is temporarily accepting donations via PayPal to A website integrated donation system will be available shortly.