What’s The Plan?

Since we are a brand spanking new charity, we often get asked how will we do things differently. To understand how our mission is different I’ll give you a bit of a background. In our experience we found many small nonprofits already operating in problem areas all around Central America. Many of these nonprofits are small missionary groups (affiliated with various churches), retired couples trying to put their retirement savings to good (amazing!) use, or just local people who came together to try and fix their communities’ problems. Many of these nonprofits are amazing givers. They’ve done tremendous things in their communities without asking for anything in return. The problems were found in the long term effectiveness of their giving. See, feeding hungry people is great but giving them proper tools to so they can learn to feed themselves is priceless. Additionally, in assessing various children’s and orphan charities in Costa Rica and Nicaragua we found many of them lacking in the use of technology, social media and most importantly networking. Some of them work in close proximity to each other and have similar goals but neither knows of the other’s existence.

Dreamlife Alliance will work through two outlets. One will focus directly on developing programs with maximized long term impact on orphans and malnourished children. Each program will be custom tailored to the region and the needs of the children. The second outlet will work directly with other nonprofits to maximize their mission’s impact. Some of the ways their impact will be exponentially improved is by educating them on the use of the internet (many of them don’t even have websites), connecting nonprofits with similar goals in the same region, evaluating and optimizing their missions to have the best possible long term impact.

We view other nonprofits as our allies, not as our competition.

That is why we are an alliance. An alliance to empower and make a change. NOW. In our lifetime.

For collaborations please email info@dreamlifealliance.org

Donate via PayPal to dreamlifealliance@gmail.com

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