The Most Important “Work In Progress” You’ve Ever Seen

Thank you for visiting Dreamlife Alliance. The website is a “Work In Progress” but the most important statement you need about my cause is here.

My name is Lola Dranker and I’m on a mission to disrupt the nonprofit sector. Orphans and children in poverty all over the world are relying on this disruption. Politicians and their governments are most often too burdened with economic issues to really make lasting impact in the social sector. If we keep thinking someone else “in power” will step up and address the truly desperate conditions of these children we will be participating in their demise. It is for this reason I am asking you to join the Dreamlife Alliance. Become an ally and help disrupt the system that perpetuates cycles of poverty, suicide and child prostitution. Let us join together to put a stop to the unnecessary suffering of these children.

I say it is no longer acceptable to just write a check and feel good about your donation. I ask you to donate with INTENT – to be one of the tools used to change the world. I ask you to donate with PASSION – for the cause you’re pushing forward. I ask you to donate with LOVE – that will heal broken children.

Dreamlife Alliance is committed to giving back not just to orphans and children but to YOU the donor as well. We are committed to giving you tremendous GRATITUDE for your support. We are committed to giving you an opportunity of EXPERIENCE of hands on giving in our areas of service. We are committed to enabling you to VISUALIZE where your donation created impact.

We are committed.

Are you?


Dreamlife Alliance is temporarily accepting donations via PayPal to A website integrated donation system will be available shortly.


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